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Markham Carnival

No Mountain Too High Charity Singing Concert

Join us at this charity singing concert and enjoy the amazing performance brought by 20 different singers.

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About Us

Margaret Law

Concert Chair
I am Margaret Law, the Chair of the Charity Singing Concert to be aired on August 28 Markham Carnival 2021.

Theme of Markham Carnival 2021 – Embracing the Future.

Our theme for the Charity Singing Concert is “No Mountains too High”. This comes from the song “I am your Angel” that starts with these poetic lines:

“No Mountains too High for you to climb
All you have to do is have some climbing faith”
With Faith we can climb or even move mountains!!

Despite the pandemic that is sweeping the world into depression and illness, with Faith, we have great hope in our future. We know life will come back to normal and we believe in a better tomorrow. So No mountain is too high for embracing the future.

We are here to support Markham Wesley Center and our Church “Markham Peoples Community Church” in our major programs in:
  • Youth development programs
  • Supporting “YES” Café
  • Children Sunday School
We have invited more than 20 singers to participate in the concert, all having their own fundraising webpage. You can click the support button to see the individual singer’s page.

More singers are welcome. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the singers, their dancers, and supporters for their effort, generosity, and commitment in sharing with us their passion and talents.

Enjoy the show!! Thank you.

Featured Singers

Margaret Law

Concert Chair

Support Margaret

Mark Yim

Production Chair

Support Mark

Mimi Chau

Platinum Sponsor

Support Mimi

Christine Chan

Support Christine

Paul Leung

Support Paul

Nancy Maria

Support Nancy

Sam Yeung

Support Sam

Wendy Chan

Support Wendy

Margaret Tam

Support Margaret

Esther Wong

Support Esther

Iris Lam

Support Iris

Bronche Yiu

Support Bronche

Sunny Tang

Support Sunny

Ambrose Cheng

Support Ambrose

Billy Duong

Support Billy

Jane Lai & Davy Poon

Support Jane & Davy

Danny Cheng

Support Danny

Vinny Zee

Support Vinny

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