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Markham Carnival

Celebrating Diversity Show

Join us at this amazing performance with performers coming from different cultural backgrounds, and celebrate the diversity that we have in Canada.

Performers Lineup

Farco Entertainment

Farco Entertainment provides from A – Z everything you need. From large corporate events with entertainment, decorating, music (Live or DJ) to small family events, we do it all.

Nupura school of music and dance

Nupura aims at introducing traditional South Indian culture to the student with a hope that the beauty, grace and wisdom embodied in it will become an integral part of his/her life, whatever his/her dreams and aspirations may be. South Indian classical music and dance, carrying with them generations of wisdom aging back to antiquity, becomes the chief medium of creating awareness in students. Nupura seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural ttapestry amongst the students through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy A to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.
Edwina Edison
Gayathri Rajagopalan
Maya Krishnan
Remya Krishna
Sajana kangot Baboo
Thilini Padukkage

TorontoIC Worship Team

Psalm 100:2-3 “Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His;”
The Lord has graciously given each of us the opportunity to be a part of this awesome team back in 2020. We love the idea of living our life like a celebration and honour unto God. During the pandemic we forge through and now we are here with great testimonies under our belts. The bible tells us to have joy in all we do and to rejoice. To rejoice means to give joy to; to feel great delight. There is nothing greater in this life than a soul that has received the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our team has been in church our entire lives and have years of experience whether it’s through Sunday Morning Worship, Concerts, Seminars we’ve seen the manifestation of the Power of God when worship/music is released in an atmosphere and our hearts are ready to receive.

As a team, Worship is simply this: To touch the heart of God, meet His needs, minister to His people. What greater purpose do we have in life than to Worship and glorify our maker? Sunday Mornings are a mere speck in the life of a worshipper and it is our hearts desire for people to develop a hunger for worship and begin to live a lifestyle of worship.

Our gift of voice is just that a Gift and we will use it to ensure that He always gets the honour and glory that is due His name. Our heart is to set the example that worship is more than just music, but a lifestyle that we choose to live every day. We need to understand that He deserves the praise regardless of the situation, and whether we “feel like it” or not.
Left-Right: Cherisse Hogg, Grace-Simone Bennett, Christopher Samuels (Lead), Charlene Dorland, Cherry Elcock, Aaron Burrell, Missing: Alistair Courtney
“Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music.”
—Martin Luther

Atsuko Abeta

Atsuko has been performing her dance routines since 2014. She is a regular performer at Markham Music Festival and New Year’s Festival at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre that has a 20-year tradition and attracts over 1,000 people every year.

Her other commitment is with Indian Community through Indo-Canadian Cultural Association. She performs for their important events throughout the year such as Independence Day and Diwali, the venue ranging from Pickering City Hall to Robert McLaulin Gallery. She also has been performing at various care homes in southern Ontario including Momoji, and Yee Hong which is where she first started performing in front of geriatric care residents.

Area 6ix

Isabella Wong

Isabella Wong is a third-year student at the University of Toronto studying Life Sciences. Just a few years ago, dance was not a hobby she would have considered. Shortly after Isabella began listening to K-pop in 2015, she attempted dancing K-pop choreographies (with little success). Fast forward to present day, she enjoys making K-pop dance covers as well as learning other dance styles. In her free time, she can be found either playing the piano, tending to her vegetable garden, or practicing some dance choreography.

Jihua Yang (Eva)

Jihua Yang(Eva) just graduated from George Brown College studying Early Childhood Education and is now taking a year or two off. Jihua started dancing in middle school when she was inspired by Gangnam Style. She has self taught for six years including styles such as Kpop, urban and hip hop. Jihua also enjoys volunteering, learning new dances and singing in her free time.

Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam is a first year student studying biomedical science at York University. Tiffany became a Kpop fan after watching idols perform on stage and was memorized by the choreography. After that Tiffany decided to take on dancing as a hobby. Along with dancing Tiffany also enjoys the arts, she would often draw and paint whenever she gets the chance and she can play Ukulele.

Tristen Yeung

Tristen Yeung is a recent graduate of the Kinesiology program at York University. During his time at York he has been heavily involved in K-Pop dance projects. He was one of the leaders for 3 performances with Hallyu Dongari and he is the founder of The Jugotlit Project. When he isn’t practicing a dance, he can be found playing video games with his friends or editing videos.

Suvetha Kugathas

Suvetha Kugathas recently graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Society. She began dancing when she was six-years-old and continued on as an occasional dancer. Suvetha was then introduced into Kpop in 2015 and took interest in Kpop dances since then. She then formally joined the Kpop dance crew called "The JuGotLit Project" in 2019 where she holds the role as one of the leaders, along with taking part in Kpop dance covers, performances and competitions. Besides dancing, Suvetha enjoys gaming and fashion.

Tharany Puvaneswaran

Tharany Puvaneswaran is a graduate with a bachelor of Science degree in Honours Psychology from York university. Tharany has always been passionate about dancing since she was young. She had been taking dance classes since she was 4 and has been dancing ever since. She got into Kpop in 2015 and only started dancing to Kpop music in 2017. She joined a dance crew called The JuGotLit Project in 2019 and has taken on the position as one of the leaders of this dance crew. She has a passion for making and eating food, as well as keeping up with her fitness journey.

MPCC English Congregation

We are a multi-ethnic church that welcome people from all nations and all walks of life. We put God above all and above everything. Many of our visitors say, “We felt loved in this church”. We take God’s commandment “to love your neighbour as yourself” very seriously.

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We involve adults in walkathon and singing performance to fundraise for the organizers.
Our programs will be livestreamed to local and global communities.

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