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Markham Carnival

Food & Carnival Games

Hi, come and enjoy the first carnival in York Region after reopening of the society.

At Markham Carnival, we provide a large variety of joyous and ecstatic games and food for people young and old. We have game booths, art and crafts, Music Sandbox, Boomabooth, E-bike and many more activities for children and families, youth and adults.

Exciting Game Booths

Fishing Hole

Up for a challenge? Before time runs out, try to capture as many fish as possible!


Demonstrate your skills in Can-It by using bean bags to knock down all three cans; longer distances will grant better prizes.

Outdoor Hoop Shot

Put Your Basketball skills to the test by scoring a certain amount to win a prize!

Cup Pong

Display your accuracy in Cup Pong by landing ping pong balls into a cup. The more you land, the better the prize!

Ring Toss

Test your accuracy and score as many rings on the pylones. The prize varies depending on how many and which ones you hit.

Bean Bag Toss

Put your aim to the test and score as many holes you can get with just 3 bean bags!

Soccer Shootout

Finish the obstacle course within the time allotted. The faster the better!

Mix & Match

Find the perfect match of each pair in the allotted time for a special prize.

Spoon Ball Race

Use Spoon to carry your ball to race. Let’s see who can first get back to your base.

3 in 1 Ladder Ball

Take a swing and have a friendly competition against the opposing team. Be the first to get 13 points to win.

Shooting Range

Fill up multiple containers with a water gun. Fill them all up for a prize!

Outdoor Basketball Game

Are you good at basketball? Play a 1 vs 1 game, 2 vs 2 or 5 vs 5 game to test your skills as a player within 12 minutes! Score the most points to win a prize!

Ball Toss

Toss your ball. Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Prize Booth

Earn stamps by playing games, and redeem them for great prizes!

Arts & Crafts

Let your imagination run wild! Learn and create fun arts and crafts.

Hockey Shot Clock

Are you good at control? Let’s test it in this game! Using the hockey stick to control the puck to hit the targets in the hockey net, very challenging!

Find Waldo

Find Waldo on this sunny day on the beach. This over- crowded beach contains our lost Wally somewhere that you will have to make the effort to seek and find him. Hang out with Waldo on the beach and go tanning him. You better absorb what’s left of summer with Where’s Waldo before the sun disappears!

Face painting, bubble and cotton candy

Decorate yourself by face painting! There will also be a bubble and cotton candy stand. Enjoy the joy with your family or friends! The time for this booth is only from 1pm to 4pm!!


Markham Wesley Center Origami instructor offers free classes at the booth. Come visit and make your own origami artworks.

Chinese Calligraphy

Markham Wesley Center Chinese Calligraphy instructor donate his artwork. Get this art piece at the booth with suggestion donation.


A singing group at Markham Wesley Centre is fundraising for Markham Carnival through Karaoke. Donate $10 to for a chance to sing one song.

Yes Cafe

YES Cafe is a social enterprise for young startups in the F&B and Innovation industries. Come and support our Bubble Tea and Hong Kong Milk Tea startups !

E-bike Test Ride

PD International is a Canadian Manufacturer of Electric Bikes, Smart Helmets & ATV / UTV Parts. Located in Toronto, Canada, PD International focuses on bringing reliable, high quality products to everyday riders. We allow riders to have the peace of mind to focus on what lays ahead. We envision a world where transport is energy-efficient, safe, reliable & enjoyable to all. PD continues to be an industry change leader with the continual improvements to its technologies including bike sharing, charging stations and IoT applications.

We've partnered up with the local Markham community members to bring you a great opportunity to test out our new E-Bikes! We will also be hosting multiple games, meet ups, and even a raffle! We will feature a couple of our bikes for the ride, namely the Tronio and Davient - two of our top of the line premium E-Bikes. To complete the experience, once you finish a test ride, you can join our draw for a chance to win one of our high-grade smart bike helmets!

*** Training is provided for participants on how to use the bikes. Participants must wear helmet provided and sign a waiver form before test ride.

Famous Food Trucks

Buster’s Sea Cove

Cassalingo Burger

Mustache Burger

MWC Bake Sale


This BoomaBooth is a digital stand-alone photo booth that can captures photos and is also capable of recording Boomerangs. It allows you to enjoy the booth using virtual props while taking a picture using face detection and tracking just like Snapchat. Do not miss this booth - you can definitely enjoy it.

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Don’t miss this valuable chance of outreaching to your audience and clients by sponsoring Markham Carnival
It is one the largest summer events in Markham.
We attract and engage youth in cooking, dance, and photo competitions as well as talent shows.
We support young entrepreneurs in their food and beverage business start ups in the difficult time of the pandemic.
We focus and invest in digital advertisement to promote the event to the targeted audience.
We involve adults in walkathon and singing performance to fundraise for the organizers.
Our programs will be livestreamed to local and global communities.

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