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Markham Carnival

PD International Bike Demo

PD International’s public test ride event, join and get a chance to win a Smart Bicycle Helmet!

About PD International

PD International is a Canadian Manufacturer of Electric Bikes, Smart Helmets, & ATV / UTV Parts. Located in Markham, Canada, PD International focuses on bringing reliable, high quality products to everyday riders. We allow riders to have the peace of mind to focus on what lays ahead. We envision a world where transport is energy-efficient, safe, reliable & enjoyable to all. PD continues to be an industry change leader with the continual improvements to its technologies including bike sharing, charging stations and IoT applications.

About the Bike Demo

PDI will be hosting test rides within the GTA, come and join us for this momentous occasion. We will also be hosting games, meet ups, and even a raffle – visit us in our booth to participate in competitive games and even get a chance to win a Smart Bicycle Helmet! 

Our E-bikes have reached different parts of North America and has become a trusted brand amongst electric bike enthusiasts. Having a wide array of different offerings, we’re able to provide you with just the right bike that will suit your needs. From your standard city bike to your more outdoor mountain bike, you can be rest assured that you’ll be riding in style and in comfort when you hop on a journey with us! 

We will feature a couple of our bikes for the bike demo, namely the Tronio and Davient--two of our top of the line premium E-Bikes. Test out our advanced gear shifting mechanism, and our signature Turbo Technology. To complete the experience, once you finish a test ride, you can join our draw for a chance to win one of our high-grade smart bike helmets! To complete the experience, once you finish a test ride, you can join our draw for a chance to win one of our high-grade smart bike helmets!

Looking to the future

We all have places that we want to go to, sights that we want to see, and of course experiences we want enjoy. Look no further as we have built up the technology to be able to offer services such as docking and charging stations for our bikes to offer ride sharing services. All this in order to get more people where they want to be and need to go, all the while enjoying the ride!
Placing our efforts in providing micro-mobility to more people, we are looking into further complement our existing E-Bike offering with an array of products ranging from E-Scoters, E-Skateboards, E-Wheelchairs, and autonomous delivery robots. We all want to be a part of the revolution of going green and as our government pushes for more electric vehicles to be used around the city, let us lead the way in making transportation more accessible and available. 

We’re always aiming to provide the best for the people we serve, and with this in mind we are advancing solutions to deliver better safety and protection measures. With our fully integrated IoT solutions for E-Bike Parking & Charging Stations we can all better counter the rising number of stolen and lost E-Bikes. An integrated microchip shall also provide fleet operators with real-time data collection and enhanced digital features such as Real Time GPS locations, Geolocation Speed Limit Controls, ability to partner with local businesses, and so much more!

PD International

PD International has had its roots set in the heart of Markham for over 30 years now, we initially started out as a manufacturer for aftermarket car parts, evolved to provide superior ATV/UTV components, and is now revolutionizing the way people ride E-Bikes. Working hand in hand with our team in Shanghai, we have ensured that we only provide top quality products as we grew to become known as a valued supplier for large global corporations down to smaller dealers all across North America. 

We currently manufacture premium quality E-Bikes, Smart Helmets, as well as rental sharing bikes. Being a proud member of the Markham community we have always acted with great pride and concern for all people to ensure that we are able to serve the community to the best of our capabilities. We've focused on designing e-bikes that cater to the future of commuting with unparalleled quality at a price point that doesn't pinch the pocket.

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Don’t miss this valuable chance of outreaching to your audience and clients by sponsoring Markham Carnival
It is one the largest summer events in Markham.
We attract and engage youth in cooking, dance, and photo competitions as well as talent shows.
We support young entrepreneurs in their food and beverage business start ups in the difficult time of the pandemic.
We focus and invest in digital advertisement to promote the event to the targeted audience.
We involve adults in walkathon and singing performance to fundraise for the organizers.
Our programs will be livestreamed to local and global communities.

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